Partner & Vineyard Manager

Chris Bowland

Chris Bowland is the backbone of our operation. He has excellent crews and the handwork required in the vineyard – pruning, tucking, leafing, thinning, harvest – is handled by him and always excellent. All of Dry Stack is VSP with some varieties cane pruned and some trained to cordon. We do minimal leaf pulling and very aggressive thinning.


Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan brings experience and expertise to our winemaking that you can’t put a value on. One of the reasons that Pat was so interested in making wine was for Grey Stack, was that he was born and raised in Bennett Valley. His parents still live on their ‘Four Brothers Ranch’ ranch just across the valley from us where they grow Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Grenache. Pat has had remarkable success in his relatively short career. He has made outstanding wines at Peter Michael, Paul Hobbs, Lewis Cellars and Rudd.